Author / Writer / Speaker

Bereaved Mother of Kenji
(1994 - 2014)

Because I lost my dear son, Michael 6 months ago, I have been in immeasurable pain and lost. Amy L. Fulmer’s book Don’t Trip Potato Chip helped me immensely in that she validated my grief and gave me clear and concise directions of what to do next. I feel more confidence in my healing process and have hope for the first time since reading her book.
Her book also opened me up to the possibility that my son is still with me, just in a different way. She explains her ideas clearly and in a way I can understand.
Amy’s “Parent Survival Checklist” is worth purchasing this book in itself. Included are very simple and scientifically based ideas of how to survive this horrendous tragedy which every parent who has lost a child absolutely needs starting from day one.
I recommend this book for everyone that has lost a child or is caring for someone who has lost a child.
— Amy, Bereaved Mother of Michael

A mother's prescriptive memoir surrounding the death of her son.