Don't Trip
Potato Chip

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Don’t Trip Potato Chip is a mother’s very personal, direct, and at times, brutal account, surrounding the death of her son.

Ms. Fulmer’s prescriptive memoir will take you step-by-step through her immediate minutes, days, weeks, and months following life’s most painful experience any parent can endure.

Her direct account will, at times, challenge the traditional grief process. She offers her personal messages of survival and will uncover death’s most intimate and often “taboo” topics.  She will reveal how she ultimately survived and thrived following the loss of her son.

Don’t Trip Potato Chip ushers in a new era for grief-stricken parents, family, and friends, with step-by-step real-life healing processes.

More importantly; each book includes her Survival Checklist which contains specific instructions on how to help and support newly grieving parents.

Children are dying and parents are hurting.

A new conversation has begun!