Two Sisters

"Amy, you are spot-on with your survival checklist!! As an RN of almost 40 years I've had my share of helping patients' families get through the death of a loved one. I never thought it would hit our family, though - losing a child! We're a "blended" family: we list my husband's 18 year old daughter in 2000. I couldn't believe it: as they fought to resuscitate unsuccessfully, I prayed - God take me instead! We were in pain for a long time, but though many parents here won't believe it, time IS on your side. Fast-forward to 2016: my 43 year old daughter was severely burned when her house burned down. She lived 8 days on a ventilator before succoming to the burns & major organ failure caused by them. I almost couldn't recognize her. Again, the pain was unbearable, & I couldn't believe we had to go through this AGAIN! 

Parents: please take time to look at this will be a lifesaver for you! It's things I try to pass on to everyone, all in one place. Everyone mourns differently, & for a different length of time; there's no right or wrong time here. There's just YOUR time. Thank you, Amy, for bringing this to us. I'll be sharing it!!"

Ellen, Bereaved Mother

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