What Matters...


My heart,
My mother, sister, teacher, friend...

When my world crumbled,
You appeared from the ashes.

You were, and continue to be,
My Saving Grace.

The laughter we have pumped,
Into Angels’ ears,
Will be felt for centuries.

Nothing comes close,
To my gratitude for you.

Though we came together in tragedy,
This time around,
I wouldn’t have it any other way.

by Kylie Mireau

Kylie was a friend of Amy's son Kenji when he was alive. She and Amy became very close after his passing and their bond only grows. Kylie jumped at the opportunity to editing Amy's book the first time it was brought up.  She is the Contributing Editor for Don't Trip Potato Chip and Official Website Designer. To see more of Kylie's work, feel free to visit her website at https://kyliemireau.com/

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